CATV / Satellite Tools

High Quality tools for CATV, Telecommunications and Wireless applications. Included are popular kits, wrenches, strippers, crimping tools, connector tools, punchdown, pliers plus many other tools for performance oriented professional

Wrenches & Nut Drivers

We offer a selection of Can Wrenches, Booth Wrenches and Linemans wrenches. All designed to our exacting specifications.
Wrenches & Nut Drivers »


Compression Tools

Compression Tools »


Terminator Tools

Terminator Tools for locking and unlocking. Available in two sizes; the smaller size is for easier access between trap shields on tap spigots, and the longer tool offers a better grip and leverage.
Terminator Tools »



The most popular can wrenches, torque, booth and security wrenches all ergonomically designed.
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Nut Drivers

Nut Drivers »


Wire & Cable Strippers

Whether your need is for stripping wire or cutting and stripping wire, we offer a unique selection of wire strippers to accommodate all of the popular gauges of wire and are designed to cut and strip without nicking the wire.
Wire & Cable Strippers »



Pliers for every application. Tough, durable and made to exacting specifications.
Pliers »


Cable Toner & Identifier

Cable Toner & Identifier »


Connector Tools

Designed to provide easy access to connectors in high density locations.
Connector Tools »


Scissors & Knives

Precision crafted scissors and knives for Telecom, Electrical and CATV applications. All scissors and knives are durable, heavy duty and designed for long life.
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CATV Tool Kits

CATV Tool Kits »


Cable Installation (Fish Tools)

Cable Installation (Fish Tools) »


Crimper Tools

This fully ratcheted crimper offers exceptional performance. Designed for minimal closing force (higher crimp force produced with lower hand force), plus there is no break-over hand force making the last click easily achievable.
Crimper Tools »


Punchdown Tools

The latest in punchdown technology. OK brand punchdown tools are designed for ease of use, never fail to impact properly and are fully compatible with all makes of punchdown blades.
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Jonard Screwdrivers are made of High Strength Steel. The slotted screwdrivers have cabinet tips to allow easy access where space is limited, the Philips screwdrivers are precision machined for that perfect fit as are the Robertson tips. All offer accurate size for maximum torque without slippage. Soft rubber handles offer comfort and ease of use. Our Insulated screwdrivers are manufactured to IEC 60900 Standards.
Screwdrivers »


Fiber Optic Tools

Jonard Industries Fiber Optic Tools are of the highest quality, offer superior performance and are made to be the most durable in the industry.
Fiber Optic Tools »


Probe Picks

Tough, flexible, resilient, this yellow nylon insulated probe pick is also referred to as a Spudger.
Probe Picks »


Insulated Tools

Jonard Insulated Tools are manufactured to IEC 60900 Standards for hazardous work environments. Our tools are tested to 10,000 VAC and rated for 1,000 VAC live use.
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Flashlights »