Pre-Cut Pre-Stripped 30AWG Kynar® Wire

50 pieces per package.

Kynar® insulated. Silver plated copper conductor. UL listed. 1" of stripped wire on either end. Add 2" to the insulation length (shown in the chart below) for the total length of the Pre-Cut Kynar® Wire.

Insulation Length Inches WHITE YELLOW BLUE RED
1" 30-W-50-010  30-Y-50-010  30-B-50-010  30-R-50-010 
2" 30-W-50-020  30-Y-50-020  30-B-50-020  30-R-50-020
3" 30-W-50-030  30-Y-50-030  30-B-50-030  30-R-50-030
5" 30-W-50-050  30-Y-50-050  30-B-50-050  30-R-50-050