Can Wrench with Wire Stripper & Security Key Insert Kit

Six tools in one. Multiple opening, tightening, stripping and security key functions

Open telephone box fasteners and tighten nuts on binding posts. Designed for universal access to telephone boxes and pedestals. Built in wire stripper with two slots, one for the outside jacket of a four wire "quad" and the other for 22 AWG wire.
Black oxide finished 7/16" socket, zinc plated 3/8" socket, thin wall design for tight access and 1 1/4" socket depth.

Designed with a double-ended hex adapter for two sizes of pin-in-head security fasteners. Simply slip the key into the 3/8" side of a can wrench and you are ready for either a 5/16" or 5/32" hex security screw. This is a reversible insert tool. One end is for SLC Cabinets and the other is for most network interface boxes

Part No. Description
M-216CKIT Kit includes: M-216CS22 and SK-51632
M-216CS22 Can Wrench Ergonomic 1" Dia. Handle, Hex Outer Socket (1 1/2" deep) with 22 AWG Stripper Blade
SK-51632 Security Key Insert