Wire Cut and Strip Tools - ST-100

A revolutionary concept for easy and clean stripping of wires for wire wrapping, electronic and appliance applications.

Biomechanically designed for maximum efficiency. Easy to operate... place wire (up to 4) in stripping slot with ends extending beyond cutter blades... press tool and pull... wire is cut and stripped to proper "wire wrapping" length. The hardened steel cutting blades and sturdy construction of the tool ensure long life. Strip length easily adjustable for your application. Blades are made from specially tempered spring steel for clean, nick-free wire stripping. New and Improved. Stripper is now supplied with a double blade to accommodate two AWG sizes.

Part No. Wire Size AWG Adjustable Strip-Off Length Inches Replacement Blade*
ST-100 22-24 1 5/16” to 1 9/16” SB-2224
ST-100-2426 24-26 1 5/16” to 1 11/16” SB-2426
ST-100-2830 28-30 7/8” to 1 1/8” SB-2830

ST-100-28 and ST-100-30 have been superseded by the ST-100-2830.

* Now supplied as a complete assembly consisting of front and rear blade supports plus blade.