Small Gauge Adjustment Instructions Recommended Calibration Service

Small Force Gauge

Jonard Force Gauges (also referred to as Dynamometer Gauges or Tension Gauges) are all ergonomically designed and have become the industry standard for measuring force.

Our 3 different lines of force gauges are used by a multitude of industries including the electronics, telecommunications, business equipment, medical, metrology, automotive, chemical plastics, machinery, manufacturing and others. These gauges are being used in over 1000 different applications for measuring, calibrating, standardizing, testing and evaluating.

  • Measurement is extremely simple. Just place point of gauge arm perpendicular to the force to be measured.
  • Reading can be taken in both directions - clockwise and counter-clockwise.
  • Gauges offer extreme precision and durability.
  • The measuring springs are made of hard tempered annealed beryllium copper.
  • All gauges equipped with maximum reading pointer.
  • This gauge has a flat tip and the dial diameter is 1 ½ inches.

Part No. Range In Grams Graduation In Grams Accuracy
GD-1 Force Gauge 1-10 0.20 ±0.20
GD-3 Force Gauge 5-35 1.00 ±1
GD-5 Force Gauge 10-50 1.00 ±1
GD-10 Force Gauge 20-100 2.00 ±2
GD-15 Force Gauge 50-150 5.00 ±5
GD-25 Force Gauge 50-250 10.00 ±10
GD-30 Force Gauge 40-350 10.00 ±10