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TK-105 - Fiber Optic Mid Span Slit & Ring Tool Kit

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The TK-105 Fiber Optic Mid Span Slitting & Ringing Tool Kit provides an array of tools designed to provide easy access into fiber optic cables and buffer tubes.

The kit includes: 

  • MS-306 Mid Span Slit & Ring Tool (1.2 - 3.3 mm)
  • MS-316 Mid Span Slit & Ring Tool (2.9 - 6.8 mm)
  • MS-326 Mid Span Slit & Ring Tool (5 - 10 mm)
  • FOD-2000 Fiber Optic Drop Cable Slitter
  • CSR-1575 Fiber Optic Cable Slit & Ring Tool
  • H-20 Rugged Nylon Carrying Case

To complete your kit with other complementary tool offerings, please visit our Fiber Kit Add-Ons page, or simply click on the image below.

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