TK-822 - Professional CATV Communications Tool Kit

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H-125 - 25 Pocket Tool Roll Up Pouch H-125 - 25 Pocket Tool Roll Up Pouch H-125 - 25 Pocket Tool Roll Up Pouch

A complete CATV/VDV kit for cutting, stripping, testing, crimping, compressing, gripping and managing coax cables and

The kit includes: 

  • ASW-7916 Speed Wrench Double End 7/16 & 9/16
  • ASWS-716 Angled Speed Wrench Stubby 7/16"
  • AW-8 Adjustable Wrench 8" with Extra Wide Jaws
  • CSS-596 Coax Stub End Strip Tool RG59/6
  • CT-200 Universal Compression Tool
  • FL-2000 LED Flashlight With Zoom Lens
  • JIC-750 3/4" COAX Cable Cutter
  • JIC-2288 Plier, Diagonal, Cutter, 8"
  • JIC-22148 Combo Crimper, Long Nose Pliers
  • M-216CS22 Can Wrench, Ergo, W/ Wire Stripper
  • JIC-50210 Pump Plier 10"
  • PT-300 Pocket Continuity Tester & Toner
  • SD-61 Screwdriver Multi-Bit 6 In 1
  • SK-51632 Security Key Insert
  • SST-716 Security Shield Tool 7/16"
  • SST-916 Security Shield Tool 9/16"
  • TT-7V Terminator Tool With Prongs
  • TTS-716 Trap And Security Combo Tool
  • TWAF-71630 Torque Wrench, Full Head 7/16", 30 in/lb
  • UST-125 COAX Stripping Tool For RG59/6 & 7/11 With Cable Stop
  • VT-1000 Voltage Detector
  • WS-5 Adjustable Wire Stripper & Cutter

All these tools are provided in a 25 Pocket Tool Roll Up Pouch (H-125) with extra pockets for extra tools, connectors and many other items, including an extra storage area at the end of the pouch.

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