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TETP-900 - Multi-Function Cable Tester Tone & Probe Kit

TETP-900 - Multi-Function Cable Tester Tone & Probe Kit

TETP-900 - Multi-Function Cable Tester Tone & Probe Kit
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TETP-900 - Multi-Function Cable Tester Tone & Probe Kit

The TETP-900 is a Multi-Function Cable Tester Toner & Probe Kit. Ideal for VDV (Voice Data Video) professionals in telecommunications, this multi-function cable tester works on RJ45 LAN cable, BNC & F coaxial cable, 6P2C/4P2C jacks and provides tone generation. 

The kit includes:

  • TET-700 Multi-Function Cable Tester & Toner
  • TEP-200 Tone Tracing Probe
  • TET-6 Accessory Kit for TET-700
  • Two 9V batteries

The TET-700 Multi-Function Cable Tester & Toner can be used to test continuity on RJ45 cables, BNC & F connectorized coaxial cables and other non connectorized cables. It provides tone via the RJ45 and BNC connectors as well as the test clips, and provides talk power to a telephone for testing. The TEP-200 Tone Tracing Probe can be used to detect a tone emitted from the internal speaker and check the polarity of many 6P2C/4P2C telephone jacks. It has a plastic probe tip to prevent accidental shorts and a signal strength LED for visual indication of signal strength. This kit also includes the TET-6 Accessory Kit for TET-700, which consists of the following:

  • (2) BNC to F connector adapters 
  • (1) 50 ohm BNC terminator 
  • (1) Belt Clip 
  • (1) BNC cable jumper 
  • (1) F connector Jumper (1) RJ45 cable jumper

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Includes Cable tester, tone tracing probe, (2) BNC male to F female connectors, BNC cable terminator 50 ohms, RJ45 jumper, Two 9V batteries, Nylon bag, belt clip, & user's manual
Terminator 50Ω
Weight 1.433 lbs
UPC No. 811490016750