UST-125 - COAX Stripping Tool For RG59/6 & 7/11 With Cable Stop

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The UST-125 Strips coaxial cable for termination. The UST-225 cartridge (included) is used to strip RG59, RG6, RG6 tri & Quad shield, RG7 & RG11 coaxial cables to specific lengths. The cartridge provides a 2-level strip for F, BNC and RCA connector termination. Removes ¼” Jacket, exposes 5/16” center conductor, the cartridge has a strip stop insuring consistent strip lengths.  Cartridge made with high quality steel blades designed to last over 5000 strips.  Tool also comes with a handy black Velcro strip used for folding back the braided shield on the cable. 

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