UST-175 - Mini-COAX Cable Stripper

UST-175 - 3 Step Mini-COAX Cable Stripper

UST-175 - Mini-COAX Cable Stripper
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UST-175 - Mini-COAX Cable Stripper

The UST-175 is a three level coax stripper for mini coaxial cable (ComScope 73508 and similar cables). The mini strips 0.625" of the outer jacket on the first level, the second level strips the braid exposing 0.156" of dielectric, and the third level strips the dielectric exposing 0.156" of the 26 AWG center conductor. Works on 3 step strip connectors such as ITT Cannon W58-124-9019-910 BNC crimp connectors or similar type 3 step strip connectors. 

Simple to use: 

  1. Squeeze the tool jaws open and insert the cable up to the stop. 
  2. Allow the jaws to close. 
  3. Holding the cable in one hand and the tool in the other, rotate the tool around the cable 4-6 times. 
  4. Remove the tool and pull the stripped segments off the cable. 
  5. Cable is ready for termination. 

Includes the UST-220 blade. Also includes Velcro strip for holding back the braided shield of the cable.

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Cable Type Coax
Cable Size Mini Coax
Capacity 26 AWG (0.4mm)
Features 3-Level Stripper 1st Strips Outer Jacket (0.625"), 2nd Strips the Braid (0.156"), and 3rd Strips the Dielectric (0.156").
Handle Spring Return
Includes UST-220 Blade
Length 4-3/4" (120.65mm)
Weight 0.210 lbs (95.26g)
UPC No. 811490015319