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UST-220 - Replacement Blade For UST-175

UST-220 - Replacement Blade For UST-175

UST-220 - Replacement Blade For UST-175
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Replacement Blade for Mini-Coax Cable Stripper. UST-220 Replacement Blade can only be used on UST-175.

The UST-175 is a three level coax stripper for mini-coax cables (CommScope73508, Belden 735A1 and similar cables). The mini strips 0.625" of the outer jacket in the first level, the second level strips the braid exposing 0.156" of dielectric, and the third level strips the dielectric exposing 0.156" of the 26 AWG center conductor. Blades are capable of making over 5,000 cuts.

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Cable Size Mini Coax
UPC No. 811490015470
Weight 0.013 lbs (5.896g)
Capacity 26 AWG (0.4mm)
Features 3-Level Stripper 1st Strips Outer Jacket (0.625"), 2nd Strips the Braid (0.156"), and 3rd Strips the Dielectric (0.156").