About Us

Jonard Tools was founded in 1958 as Jonard Industries Corp.  Since that time many changes have shaped and molded the company into a diversified manufacturer extending to 20 distinct product lines. The evolution of when and how this happened is chronicled below.

The secret to our success is no secret at all.  With distribution expanded to all 50 states and over 100 countries, our brand names are now recognized throughout the world.  Jonard manufactures over 700 unique products and in 2014 shipped 98.7% of all orders complete within 48 hours.  For end users there are numerous instructional videos on many products, and we gladly provide technical support to meet your individual service requirements.  Our engineering department is available to answer your technical questions or address your special needs.

Our tools are used in many diversified applications. Throughout this website you will find many unique and patented tools available exclusively from Jonard. Our engineers have worked directly with our customers to develop unique custom products and to make our standard tools as user friendly as possible with all of our products RoHS and REACH compliant.

2010 to Present

2014 - Jonard Industries Corp is transformed into Jonard Tools.  It was felt that the new name more accuratelyl reflects the focus and core business of the company.  A new logo, color scheme and packaging reflects the visible changes, while our manufacturing philosophy moves into the 21st century.  Some of the more popular product introductions include Patent Pending fiber stripping and slitting tools, new CATV tools including wrenches, tone and probe and other testers plus much, much more.

2013 - The company entered the wire fishing and routing market with telescoping poles, glow rods and magnetic fasteners.  Plus a new line of adjustable wrenches, punchdown and CATV tools, Visual Fault Locators, stripping tools, and an iphone/smartphone/tablet repair tool kit.

2012 - Added a screwdriver line, state-of-the-art punchdown tools, CATV termination tools, modular crimping tool and additional cable stripping tools.

2011 - Compression tools, cable mappers, new pliers, cable shield bonding torque wrenches, connector tools and CATV strippers.

2010 - New nut drivers, pocket toners, cable stripping tools, punchdown tools, security shield tools and new CATV tool kits.  Edward Scirbona promoted to Director of Engineering.


2009 - Released our PATENTED speed wrenches, PATENTED fiber optic drop cable slitter, pump pliers and new termination tools. Michael Frank promoted to COO from his former position as GM.

2008 - New line of torque wrenches, our PATENTED battery punchdown tool, electrician scissors and pliers introduced.

2007 - Magnetics come to Jonard with the intruductino of the PATENTED MagnaMole and Magnepull. Two clever wire and cable fishing options. New wire wrap tools and cable cutters.

2006 - Jonard enters the Fiber Optic Tools market with a blast. This includes a full line of strippers, scissors, thermal strippers, crimping tools. In a few years, we becamse the number 1 in this line.

2005 - Marks the year Jonard purchased the Cooper Tools Telecom Pliers line, propelling our expansion, making the Jonard telecom pliers line the largest in the country.

2003 - This is the year Jonard purchased the OK Industries line of tools including the world's most popular line of wire wrapping tools.

1980's and 1990's

1990's - Introduced a new full line of pliers and specialty wrenches. With this introduction Jonard fortifies its position as a prime supplier to the telecom industry. Updated the Jonard logo using a closed faced type.

1980's - Wire wrapping has a new diversified source for field work, central office and production line applications.


Jonard moves from a building in the Bronx to a significatly larger facility in Tuckahoe, New York. This move was necessitated by our product expansion to over 600 tools for the GSA including connector tools, alignment and adjusting tools plus numerous force and measurement gauges.

1979 - Condensed catalog published featuring advanced tools for production and service support industries

1978 - Thirteen different force gauges with the Jonard name are added to the line.

1976 - Jonard publishes a catalog featuring specialty telecom tools, wrenches, adjusters and alignment tools. The first of many CNC machines are added to the production arsenal.

1973 - At the request of several key customers, Jonard adds spring hooks to the line. Telex machine service techs now have another resource for maintenance and repair tools.

1950's and 1960's

1962 - A relay tool kit designed with a complete set of tools for relays, inspiring others to copy the concept for technicians.

1961 - Designed for the telecom industry, the first can wrench model M-216B hits the market. Attended the company's first international trade show to display the growing line of burnishers, alignment tools, wrenches and adjusters.

1960 - Jonard Industries moves from offices on Park Avenue to Tibbets Avenue in the Bronx. Settled on an open faced type for the first Jonard logo.

1958 - Jonard Industries Corp is founded by two men - Joe Setton and Bernard Osten = Jonard. First board meeting took place to set the agenda for the next five years. GSA and government sales were targeted. Became the major supplier to Western Electric and a prime worldwide supplier to ITT for the Pentaconta step by step tools which include pliers, alignment and adjusters. The first Jonard catalog is produced on a typewriter in 1960. A full line of alignment tools are added for the electronics industry.