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Ger Segers Jonard ToolsGer Segers Joins Jonard Tools as Managing Director for European Operations

Working from his home base in the Netherlands, Ger’s focus will be to apply the Jonard mission and business principles to our existing and prospective customers in Europe, Russia as well as the CIS countries, bringing new projects and concepts to life. Continue reading
 CSS-596 Coax Stubby Strip ToolCSS-596 Coax Stubby Strip Tool RG59/6

The CSS-596 is a coaxial cable stripper specifically designed to strip the stub end of a coax cable in a wall outlet. This tool eliminates the need to run new cable thereby saving time and money. Continue reading
FCC-125 Fiber Connector Cleaners 1.255mm

As listed in the TK-160 Fiber Prep Kit, we now offer the FCC-125 Fiber Connector Cleaner 1.25mm (and the other family member the FCC-250 Fiber Connector Cleaner 2.5mm). Continue reading
TK-160 Fiber Prep Kit with Connector Cleaners & Visual Fault Locator

As the innovative leader in the fiber optic industry we are pleased to announce the new TK-160 Fiber Prep Kit with FCC & VFL (includes the FCC-125 & FCC-250 Fiber Connector Cleaners 1.25mm & 2.5mm and the Visual Fault Locator Kit). Continue reading
CTF-230 Dual Compression Tool & TK-87 Dual Compression Coax Tool Kit

CTF-230 designed for use on either short or long F connectors (such as PPC EX6 and PPC EX6XL), and also works on most RG 11 connectors. The Green ring side of the plunger is for the “short” PPC EX6 style connectors and the Blue side of the plunger is for the “long” PPC EX6 XL style connectors. Continue reading
TK-120 Fiber Prep Kit

As the fiber world continues to evolve, the demands on tech professionals continue to change as well. With that idea in mind we’ve put together a new Fiber Prep Kit (TK-120) and packaged it in our new H-90 Rugged 21 Pocket Heavy Duty Case. Continue reading
H-90 Rugged 21 Pocket Tool Case

A rugged versatile 21 pocket tool case with a removable top, made from special heavy duty material for greater durability and long life. The case is reinforced with a tough thick backing material to maintain its shape – even when loaded with tools. Continue reading
EP-QTH38B Termination & Removal Tool

Our newest addition to the Jonard Tools Punchdown line is the EP-QTH38B Termination & Removal Tool. Used for terminating, bridging, and removing wires from 2-beam or 3-beam blocks, insulation-slicing, for quick-clip terminals found on QCM486 (MPC) and 391Q connectors, and on Versa blocks with quick-clip pins. Continue reading

FCC-250 - Fiber Connector Cleaner 2.5mm

Our latest new tool addition for those of you in fiber world is the FCC-250 Fiber Connector Cleaner 2.5mm. This tool is a quick click ferrule end face cleaner, designed to provide exceptional cleaning performance by cleaning FC, SC and ST connectors beyond the critical fiber core area and cleaning deep into the contact area of a bulkhead adapter or connectors on fiber optic cables.  Continue reading  

AW-6810 - Adjustable Wrench Set

The Jonard Tools wrench line has just been expanded with the introduction of the new AW-6810 Adjustable Wrench Set. This three piece wrench set (6”, 8” & 10” wrenches) is made of chrome vanadium steel with a chrome plated finish. Wrenches are forged and heat treated for greater strength. Handles are covered with a red transparent plastic for user comfort. The knurl is precision formed and the operation is smooth and trouble free. For accurate and faster adjustments use the metric or English scales on either side of the jaws. These wrenches are also available separately in 6”, 8”, 10” & 12” sizes. Continue reading 
CWRR-716 - Combination Ratcheting Reversible Wrench

The Jonard Tools wrench line has just been expanded with the introduction of new CWRR-716 Combination Ratcheting Reversible Wrench. This combination, ratcheting, reversible wrench measures 7/16″ at both ends. A standard open end wrench (with a 15 degree offset) on one side and a ratcheting reversible box end (with a 15 degree angled head) on the other. The ratcheting end allows you to toggle from tightening to loosening. It provides 12 points of contact, making this the perfect wrench for cable and satellite installers working on “F” connectors, splitters, wall outlets and on the back of TVs. Continue reading
BW-516 - T Handle Security Wrench

The Jonard Tools wrench line has just been expanded with the introduction of the new BW-516 T Handle Security Wrench.
T handle tamper proof 5/16″ wrench for use on tamper-proof cross-connect cabinets, MESA and CATV closures. Recessed at both ends and they are 1/4″ deep. Red plastic handle for user comfort, and made of chrome vanadium steel with a chrome plated finish. This wrench expands the security wrench field, joining our Booth Wrenches BW-532 & BW-532-3
Continue reading
WS-5 - Adjustable Wire Stripper & Cutter

We have a exciting new additions to our wire stripper line that I want to bring to your attention: WS-5 Adjustable Wire Stripper & Cutter. Designed with a precision-ground “V” notch blade for superior stripping results. And it is spring loaded with a locking latch, looping & bending hole for solid wire and scored marks on the blade for measuring wire length. An adjustable blade stop easily sets this wire stripper to strip and cut 10-30 AWG solid and stranded wire. Made of high carbon steel with black oxide coating. Vinyl cushion grips provide excellent comfort. This is just another in the line of Wire & Cable Strippers from Jonard Tools. Continue reading

CC-2721 - Cable Caddy

The latest addition to the Jonard Tools line is the CC-2721 Cable Caddy. It is constructed of sturdy 0.060″ thick tubular steel 7/8″ diameter, and is ready to use out of the box – No setup is required, just place it on the floor, remove the cotter pin and load your spools. Includes anti-skid rubber feet to prevent the caddy from sliding while also protecting floors. This cable caddy will hold cable spools up to 20″ in diameter and 17″ in height, making it a very versatile accessory. Continue reading
SSK-876 - Star Key Can Wrench Kit

Jonard Tools has just released the SSK-876 Star Key Can Wrench Kit  (Also known as a Slam Lock Key), which features four of the most popular star key patterns. The three piece kit includes: SSK-716 Can Wrench, SSK-75 Star Key, and the SSK-85 Star Key. A five-in-One tool kit. The SSK-716 can wrench is specifically designed to work with our SSK-85 and SSK-75star keys. Continue reading
TETP-900 - Multi-Function Cable Tester Toner & Probe Kit

Continuing our development of High Quality Testing Tools, we bring three new products.The TETP-900 Multi-Function Cable Tester Toner & Probe Kit is ideal for VDV (voice-data-video) professionals in telecommunications, network and digital communications. This is a multi-function cable tester for RJ45 LAN cable, BNC/F coax cable, 6P2C/4P2C jacks and provides tone generation. Continue reading
VT-1000 - Voltage Detector

If you have a need for voltage testing, then the new VT-1000 Voltage Detector (a non-contact voltage tester) is the perfect tool. 
It is designed to check for the presence of AC voltage. The VT-1000 is useful in identifying the presence of AC voltage at outlets, switches, circuit breakers, fuses, wires and cables. 
Continue reading
TK-325 - Fiber Optic Kevlar Cutter & Pouch Kit

New exciting scissor product available from Jonard Tools, the TK-325 Fiber Optic Kevlar Cutter & Pouch Kit.
Continue reading
JIC-183 - Heavy Duty Scissor with Wire Stripper

Jonard Tools Scissor line has just been expanded with the JIC-183 Heavy Duty Scissor with Wire Stripper.
This is an 8” heavy duty multi-function scissor designed to cut copper, aluminum, leather, plastic and other materials. Includes three stripping holes marked 18 AWG (1.0mm), 14 AWG (1.5mm) & 12 AWG (2.0mm) and a 1/4″ notch for cutting & stripping.  
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