Wire / Cable Cutting & Stripping

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CSS-596 - Coax Stub End Strip Tool RG59/6

Self-Adjusting Wire Stripping Tools - WSA-1024 & WSA-1430

UST-125 - COAX Stripping Tool For RG59/6 & 7/11 With Cable Stop

Universal Cable Stripping Tool (UST-500 & UST-596)

UST-175 Mini Coax Cable Stripper

CST-1i - Cyclops UTP/STP Cable Stripper

UST Coaxial Cable and Telephone Cable Stripping Tools

CST-1900 - Round Cable Stripper

CSR-1575 - Cable Slit & Ring Tool

ST Series Adjustable Precision Wire Strippers

JIC-4366 - Cable Slit & Ring Tool